Bespoke yoga and mindfulness sessions supporting positive mental health in children and young teens

Hello, my name is Louise and I am an experienced and caring yoga and mindfulness teacher, passionate about normalising and supporting positive mental health for all.

Cultivating well-being, emotional resilience and a sense of inner value is a vital skill for every young person. In addition, I specialise in supporting with challenging emotions, such as anxiety and depression, supporting children with ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed) and building self-esteem and inner value.

I use both yoga and mindfulness for children up to 12 years of age and mindfulness for young teens.

I am a registered practitioner with both Creative Mindfulness for Kids and Connected Kids. Both courses are fully accredited. I am also a Special Yoga practitioner, specialising in yoga and mindfulness for autism and ADHD. I am also a registered yoga teacher for children up to 12 years of age with YogaKidz Worldwide and Cosmic Kids.

My sessions use evidence-based practices to empower children and young teens to build resilience and begin to flourish. I create bespoke, fun, varied content for each session, based on each individual’s interests and continually assessed needs.

I also aim to cultivate acceptance and self-kindness. We often forget that we deserve love, that we are enough and that we belong just as we are.

  • Qualified teacher and extensive experience supporting the welfare of children in different environments
  • Keeping children and young people safe is central to everything I do.
  • I have an enhanced DBS certificate (police check) available online,
  • I adhere to safeguarding and ethical policies and guidelines.
  • Member of the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance and on the professional register of accredited teachers of mindfulness
  • Fully insured
  • Certificates available on request
I am on the professional register of accredited teachers of mindfulness, meaning that I have recognised, externally accredited training and qualifications, and choose to be bound to a strict code of ethical and professional practice. 

My Experience & Focus

Self-kindness is key

  • My teaching uses evidence-based tools and techniques to promote positive mental health, with an emphasis on self-kindness.
  • I aim to help build every individual’s  sense of inner value and for them to know that they can – and deserve to – flourish.

A bespoke service

  • I provide a bespoke service, utilising my unique blend of skills to meet each individual’s needs. I carry out initial and continuous assessments to ensure sessions meet requirements in the moment, as well as short and longer term.
  • For example, I write unique yoga stories and create unique yoga sequences (for 12’s and under), include lots of creative activities, and use props to make concepts (such as using the breath and learning about the busy, stormy mind) fun and engaging.
  • I may use music, games, art, stories, journalling, mandalas, visualisations, celebrity examples – the possibilities are endless and exciting, depending on the age, needs and interests of each client.

My experience

  • In addition to my yoga and mindfulness qualifications and experience, I have extensive experience working with children.
  • I am a qualified teacher, have worked as a school learning mentor supporting emotional and social needs, and have many years experience as a learning assistant.
  • I studied play therapy and volunteered as a play therapist across the primary years, and have spent time as a preschool practitioner.
  • At the current time, my other role involves supporting children with autism in their own homes.
  • I also have a masters in health psychology.


Without Louise’s support our son wouldn’t be where he is today – her ability to be flexible and understand his emotional and physical needs has led to our son recognising and regulating his own emotions. Louise is an incredibly nurturing and kind individual who clearly wants to make a difference for the emotional well-being of all children….

Louise is an excellent practitioner within her field. Her knowledge and professionalism not only pave the way for successful programmes of yoga/mindfulness but she brings to sessions, understanding, passion and differentiated approaches to meet the needs of the individual.

– Kirsty, mum of 7 year old.